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Modular removable cushion
padding viscoelastic 100% breathable
Cuscino viscoelastico per cani
Cuscino modulare per cani
Forma ovale

S –
M 85×75 cm
L 100×85 cm
XL 115×95 cm

Forma rettangolare

S –
M 85×70 cm
L 100×80 cm
XL –

Forma rotonda

S Ø 50 cm
M Ø 75 cm
L –
XL –

Forma triangolare

S 50×50 cm
M –
L –
XL –

CODEDIMODA | cucce di qualità per cani e gatti
Cuscino da viaggio per cani
Cuscino ecopelle per cani
Cuscino bicolore per cani
Cuscino ortopedico per cani
Cuscino pieghevole per cani
Cuscino antimacchia per cani

The main prerogatives of this mattress are transpiration, hygiene and freshness. The big news of this mattress is the use of a 100% breathable visco-elastic which creates a constant ventilation, guaranteeing a pleasant freshness sensation, avoiding the development of mites and bacteria and of ”Thermo” which is able to model the shape of the body ensuring a balanced support in addition to thermoregulate the mattress depending on the body needs mantaining always the ideal temperature (thickness 6 cm)


Removable. We use different fabrics for the cover: from micro ber to cotton, from eece to dappled eece, from synthetic leather to leather. Each fa- bric has been choosen with speci c attention to respect the highest quality standards and to join the best comfort for pets and convenience of their owner who can dust, pull out or wash the cover with extreme facility. Cotton and micro ber are highly technological thanks to a treatment wich al- low to remove easly the fur. Other fabrics are carachterised by water repellent or “easytoclean” treatment. Fleece is the preferred fabric of dogs. They love its soft and silky touch. Lastly we choose, in addition to leather, a fire-resistant, anti-microbic, breathable and no-pathalate synthetic leather.

CODEDIMODA | cucce di qualità per cani e gatti