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Italian product

Our products are 100% designed and made in Italy.

High-level materials

Our priority is your friend’s well-being and comfort.

CODEDIMODA | cucce di qualità per cani e gatti

About us

Codedimoda is an Italian company manufacturing high-quality design pet cushions and beds.

Our philosophy

Our priority is your friend’s well-being and comfort: we use an extremely soft frieze for pets who are sensitive to cold or microfibers and fabrics for the most “passionate” ones; our paddings are made with totally natural wadding or ultimate viscoelastic materials capable to regulate pets’ body temperature thanks to their high transpirability and to distribute weight evenly all over the cushion to follow every movement of your four-legged friend.
All cushion covers are removable and washable; some cushions are processed so as to ease the removal of hairs, while others undergo specific anti-stain, anti-bacterial and fire-proofing processes.
Our items will meet your design requirements becoming real furnishing accessories for your home. We o er di erent ranges of products: from traditional cushions to innovative ones, from wooden beds with storage box to wool felt beds, from sofa beds to travel beds and much more..

CODEDIMODA | cucce di qualità per cani e gatti

The Team

Silvia and Oscar, couple in work and life, four-legged enthusiasts, can not stay without the feasts of their boxers who, without asking for anything in return, give so much affection and fidelity!