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Codedimoda products are made with the utmost care and attention: the love you feel for your pet is also found in our daily artisan work.

CODEDIMODA products are carefully and passionately designed to meet the daily needs of our four-legged friends. The handcrafted products are produced in Italy with top quality materials and they were carefully selected by our trusted testers: Ellis, Pixel and Felix.

The SIESTA cushion when rolled up is ideal for animals that love to curl up and feel protected and pampered. The “free” variant is appreciated for its versatility and to arouse the dog’s or cat’s play instinct: it can be a nest or it can be used as a headrest or lumbar support, or why not it can be the giant snake of adventures in the Amazon…

The SONNELLINO cushion offers a true throne to your pet, a raised area, rigid and comfortable at the same time. Its state-of-the-art filling helps the body weight balance and the body shape adjustement like a real mattress.

The DUTTEN cushion is soft and lightweight. The filling is 100% vegetable fiber. It’s well-trimmed and it suits all tastes.

These three beautiful cushions become woderful if combined with the REPOS basket and the NAP bed. Elegance, class and high-quality materials will enter into your home to meet the highest design expectations while your pet enjoys a nice relaxing rest.

The REPOS basket is suitable for those dogs or cats who love to curl up and hide in their nest, while the NAP bed is the ideal nest of medium and large-sized dogs who prefer to sleep raised from the floor so they can look after their family even during the nap.

Our cat Felix loves REPOS MIAU but you should see how it curls up and rolls into the REPOS-TONDO basket without cushion or with a very thin one.
If you need to move the cushion often from one place to another, we recommend you the INEMURI model. Its versatility is the uniqueness of this cushion which allows you to turn the wall into a comfortable backrest, as well as protecting it from any stains. It can be opened, closed, moved quickly and it is equipped with a handle in order to trasport it easily.

The fabric used for the inner cover of the cushion is cunningly worked with silver thread to neutralize bad smells and reduce the proliferation of bacteria and microbes.

The padding is of the highest quality: from the 100% vegetable fiber (the lightest fiber in the world with a soft and silky consistency) to a state-of-the-art viscoelast which is able to thermoregulate the temperature thanks to its 100% breathable property, which makes it suitable for all seasons.

To find out more about the product you are interested in, visit the web page of the product or contact us.

CODEDIMODA basket, cushions and beds created with love!


Cuscino comodo per cani e gatti

Removable cushion
padding 100% vegetal fibre


Modular removable cushion
padding viscoelastic 100% breathable


Wood bed
matched with different cushions


Wool felt bed
matched with different cushions


Wool felt beds
padding 100% vegetal fibre


Removable cushion
padding viscoelastic 100% breathable

High-quality design pet cushions and beds

Our items will meet your design requirements becoming real furnishing accessories for your home. We offer different ranges of products: from traditional cushions to innovative ones.

CODEDIMODA pet cushions and beds

Our products are 100% designed and made in Italy following an artisan method to guarantee high- level materials and production processes along with a special attention to details.

All cushion covers are removable and washable

Some cushions are processed so as to ease the removal of hairs, while others undergo specific anti-stain, anti-bacterial and fire-proofing processes.

CODEDIMODA | cucce di qualità per cani e gatti

Brochure products

You can download our catalog in .pdf format or ask us for information.